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    Garden Picnic Experience

    Our picnic package includes everything you need for a perfect outdoor adventure. We provide a spacious picnic area with umbrellas to keep you cool on a sunny day. Our garden is a perfect backdrop for a food and wine relaxing day.

    Picnic for 2 guests
    This package includes:
    1.5 hours reservation for a picnic table
    1 bottle of wine
    2 charcuterie boxes
    Payment for the booking will be done at arrival for your reservation.
    No outside food and drinks allowed
    No smoking on the premises

    Availability for reservation:
    Open from Wednesday to Saturday 11am-6pm, Sunday 1pm-6pm
    Reservations From Now On.
    For picnics over 3 guests, please email us to book your Garden Experience today!

    Make a reservation by email at to book your Garden Picnic Experience today!